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Which comes first: the analysis or the data quality?

As the general maturity of risk management techniques has grown, it has become more common for project customers and other stakeholders to ask for quantitative risk analysis as part of the project tendering processes and to support ongoing project reviews.

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Why Faster Risk Analysis Software Can Save Your Next Project

Risk management professionals add value throughout the life cycle of a project by validating risk models and communicating project risks and potential risk mitigation strategies. However, the work of validating and communicating the likelihood of certain project risks is complex and time consuming.

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Collation of data inputs: Completing risk analysis with confidence

The success of Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA) begins and ends with the very first stage of the process; the collation of data inputs. Quite simply, the quality of the data - covering cost, schedule, uncertainties and risks – that project teams put in, will determine the quality of the risk insights they get out. By taking the time to get this initial stage right, project teams can make better-informed decisions and improve project outcomes.

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