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Migrating from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk

Learn how and why you should wave goodbye to OPRA and migrate to Safran Risk

Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (OPRA) has been a mainstay of the project controls profession for almost two decades but is now being sunsetted.

Furthermore, due to the unrelenting pace of technological advancement in the field of risk management and analysis software in recent times, OPRA and similar legacy products are, quite simply, no longer fit for purpose.

To perform in-depth risk analysis and maintain control in a constantly-shifting landscape, you need something more advanced. Enter Safran Risk.

In our knowledge portal — featuring contributions from Rusty Johnston, former CTO at Pertmaster, and Ian Nicholson, VP of Solutions at Emerald Associates — we explain exactly why you should upgrade to our innovative, cutting-edge risk management tool. We also take you through the migration process, ensuring you're able to hit the ground running.

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