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Communicating Mega Project Status to Management

For decades project professionals have utilized various planning, scheduling and risk tools to manage their capital projects. The ideal outcome has always been to execute on-time and on budget. In reality, this is rarely achieved, thus creating the […]

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Expert Point Of View – Blake Fox

Managing mega projects effectively is necessary to get to completion on time and on budget. Blake Fox, from Statoil, knows all too well. As the Planning Manager, his priority is executing projects successfully. Watch this video to learn about Blake’s project, the challenges he faced and how we went about overcoming them with […]

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Integrated Risk Modeling With Safran Risk

Creating a Project Master Plan in Safran Project

By adhering to the project master plan, including all milestones and deliverables, the Project Master Schedule ensures the project is completed on time. To be effective, the Project Master Schedule should derive its information from all the detailed work schedules, and the health of the Master […]

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Demonstration of Safran Project 7

Getting a single, consolidated view of the status of any project is critical to success. This is especially true for mega projects due to their immense complexity and scope. Understanding real-time progress, resource allocation, risk probability and more is most effectively done through […]

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