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Safran Project-Risk Conference 2021

Content Hub





Introduction: Safran CEO - Richard Wood

Invest 7 minutes to discover how project risk management is changing and why risk professionals must adapt now. Richard´s progressive thinking is fuelled by collaboration with a growing team of passionate thought-leaders. If you are interested in sharing your ideas too, please email Richard.wood@safran.com


Keynote Speech: Alexander Larsen 

Invest 20 minutes to learn how project-risk professionals can better engage with senior executives to improve their professional credibility. For further learning on “How to Communicate Risk to Project Stakeholders”, read this 7-minute blog.


Lessons Learned: David Hulett & Keith Hornbacher

Invest 20 minutes to learn how your existing project-risk skills can be deployed earlier in the project life-cycle to tackle higher-value and more strategic project challenges. For further learning from David Hulett, his most popular e-books are “The Journeymap to Project Risk Analysis” and “Why Conduct Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis”.

Lessons Learned: Bill Zuurbier

Invest 20 minutes hearing tips and tricks that help project-risk professionals achieve maximum impact from their efforts. For further advice on this topic, read this 6-minute blog “How to Save Time and Increase Business Value with Your QSRAs”.

Evolving Risk Management Styles: Chris Ritson

Invest 20 minutes learning how risk management styles are being forced to evolve and the opportunities this presents risk professionals. To hear Chris explain how project-risk professionals can deliver more business value today, register here for one of his “Safran Risk Learning Sessions”.

Advancing Faster By Working Together as a Community: Mark Franklin

Invest 5 minutes hearing Safran’s philosophy for advancing the effectiveness of the project-risk community via exploration with industry experts and free sharing of that knowledge. The growing collection of free training, blogs and guides, from industry experts, can be accessed at Safran’s Resource Hub.


Case Study Presentations

Lessons Learned: Albert 'Mac' McMillan

Invest 20 minutes learning how to ensure steering committees pay attention to quantitative cost/schedule risk analysis and use it to drive relevant decision-making. Mac recommends a more interactive use of “what-if scenarios”. Read this 4-minute blog to learn how “what-if scenario analysis” improves project management.


Lessons Learned: Ezinwanyi Kesieme

Invest 20 minutes learning how AECOM impresses its clients using modern software capabilities when performing QSRAs. Ezinwanyi recommends using David Hulett’s “Sensitivity Analysis”. In this 5-minute blog, hear David Hulett explain why his methodology is crucial for communicating risk impacts in terms of time and cost.


Safran Risk

Risk Analysis - What could possibly go wrong?: Ian Nicholson

At both Projcon 2020 and at Safran Project-Risk 2021 Ian’s presentation was rated the most valuable presentation. Invest 20 minutes learning how to avoid common problems when conducting cost/schedule risk analysis. In this 5-minute blog, Ian provides 7 key takeaways from his presentation that risk professionals should keep in mind to avoid common mistakes.

Integrated Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis: Fernando Hernandez

Invest 20 minutes learning why undertaking “Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis” saves time, reduces conflicts and improves forecast accuracy. In this 6-minute blog, Fernando outlines the challenges of traditional approaches to cost and schedule risk analysis and why the integrated approach make sense.


Safran Risk Manager

Introduction to Safran Risk Manager: Chris Ritson and Mark Turner

Invest 20 minutes learning why Safran felt the need to provide a new approach to building and using risk registers. Learn what Safran Risk Manager can do for you here.


Tips and Tricks

Using Safran Risk to Solve Business Challenges: Mark Franklin & Fernando Hernandez

This 20-minute role-play humorously inspires project-risk professionals to address an ever-wider range of business challenges, using their existing skill-set. Watch Fernando demonstrate how Safran Risk can address 9 business challenges via these 5-minute videos.


Feature Improvements

Safran Risk Latest Features & Product Roadmap: Glenn Jarrad & Chris Ritson

Invest 20 minutes discovering what Safran Risk’s new features could do for you. Join our next 45-minute “Safran Risk Learning Session” or Request a Trial


Questions and Summaries

Fireside Chat: Chris Ritson, Alexander Larsen, Mac and Mark Franklin

Invest 20 minutes hearing project-risk experts discuss your most-voted-for topics. Safran’s community of industry experts regularly blog on high-interest topics. Here is a sample of their top blog posts.