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Safran Blog

Our project management and schedule risk analysis experts share their knowledge.

Reducing Project Risk: How to Display Different Project Scenarios Real-Time With Safran Risk

5 Ways to Teach Your Risk Management Team to Assess Risk Consequences and Proactively Act On Them

Forum Safran 2018: All You Need to Know

An Introduction to Biases that Affect Risk Management and Scheduling

Go Beyond the P Dates: How Safran Risk Can Handle Project Disruptors

Why Faster Risk Analysis Software Can Save Your Next Project

Is risk management failing to ‘see the forest for the trees’?

What do you see going on here?

Boosting project profits: the role of risk management

New Download: Optimizing Complex Schedules in SAP Project System

5 steps to improving project outcomes in a rewarding way

Enabling risk management to drive project success

Risk management to the rescue

Better Project Risk Management Increases Profitability

7 Lessons Learned About Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Integrating Schedule & Cost Risk Analysis

Safran Partners with DecisionTrain to Unlock Latin America

Triangular Distribution vs Pert: Which is Best for Project Management?

How to Save Time and Increase Business Value with Your QSRAs

New Insight: Performing Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis on a Multi-Billion Dollar Project

How Effective Scope Management Can Save Time on Complicated Projects

New Insight: Schedule and Cost Analysis on US Department of Energy Projects

New Insight: David Hulett Sensitivity Analysis Webinar

New Insight: How Prima Uno Tackled a Premier Project with Safran Risk

Part 7: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk – Mitigation Analysis

The Benefits of Risk-Impacted Gantt Charts

The Impact of Scope Management on Project Success

Why Your Baseline is Essential in Project Management

12 Critical Project Scheduling Best Practices

Part 6: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk — Correlation (and the Central Limit Theorem)

How Customers Use Safran Software to Effectively Support Working from Home

Part 5: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk — Risks and Uncertainties

Part 4: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk — Analysis by Exclusion

Announcing Our Newest Product: Safran Risk Manager (BETA)

Part 3: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk — Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

New Insight: An Introduction to Qualitative Risk Analysis

Part 2: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk — User Interface

Part 1: Why Upgrade from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk — Technology

How to Effectively Manage Risk

Why You Need BowTie Risk Analysis

Looking Ahead to 2020 with Safran CEO Richard Wood

Managing Cost Contingency with Confidence

Why Threats and Opportunities are Similar but not Opposite

What’s the Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis?

Do You Control Your Risks, or Do Your Risks Control You?

Migrating from OPRA to Safran Risk: A User Guide

Join Safran at Project Controls Expo 2019

How to Optimize Complex Manufacturing Schedules

New Insight: What to Look for in Your Cost/Schedule Risk Analysis Software

New Insight: Delivering Strategic Projects Without Disruption

New Insight: Data Standardization For Multinational Project Planning

New Insight: Regaining Project Control with Integrator for SAP

New Insight: Consolidating Risk Models For Large and Complex Projects

Safran Denmark is open for Business

The Earned Value Management Metrics: Planned Value (PV) vs Earned Value (EV) vs Actual Cost (AC)

Safran Sweden is Open for Business

5 Key Challenges for Aerospace Project Management in 2020 and Beyond

What are the Biggest Risks in Project Scheduling?

Safran Spring Events Roundup

4 Reasons Why Risk Models are Crucial for Successful Project Management

How to Communicate Risk to Project Stakeholders

4 Signs That Your Risk Application is Out of Date

New Download: The Journeymap to Project Risk Analysis

Introducing the David Hulett Risk Maturity Assessment

Top 5 Biggest Types of Risks for Mega-Projects

New Partnership with Hulett & Associates to Bring Major Risk Management Advances

Risk Trends That Will Define 2019

ProjCon's Thoughts on Safran Risk

4 Key Causes of Scope Creep and How to Mitigate Them

Johan Sverdrup—the North Sea Giant—at Forum Safran 2018

Why You Need Specialist Software for Aerospace Project Management

Aker BP Choose Safran Risk for Ongoing Project Risk Management Analysis

Forum Safran 2018: Meet the Speakers

Forum Safran 2018 Registration Now Open

Webinar - Improve Progress Updating with Safran Web Access

Webinar - Seamlessly Integrating Owner and Contractors’ Project Schedules

Introducing Safran Cloud

Why Perform Schedule Risk Analysis?

Webinar – The Benefits of Seamlessly Combining Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis

Top Tips for Shutdown Project Scheduling

Interview with Jonas Gran, Mega Project Planner on Oslo Airport T2

3 Key Mega Construction Project Scheduling Mistakes

Announcing Safran Risk 7.2

The Future of Project Controls: Expert Insight into the Biggest Opportunities of 2018

Announcing Safran Project ILAP Gateway

Webinar - Mega Project: Planning and Constructing the Oslo Airport Terminal 2

5 Top Project Planning Reports and When to Use Them

How to Increase Value in Project Status Reports

Ocean Farming at Forum Safran 2017

New Download: Why Conduct Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis?

How What-If Scenario Analysis Improves Project Management

Forum Safran 2017: Meet The Speakers

New Download: Managing Uncertainty in Project Schedules

Who Stole My Float? Distributing Slack with Safran Project

Is Your Project Status Green?

Webinar: Democratising Risk Analysis and Improving Project Planning

Announcing Safran Project 7.2

The New Østfold Hospital at Kalnes, Norway

Registration is Open for Forum Safran 2017

Announcing Safran Risk 7.1.5

How Safran Project Contributed to the Success of Oslo Airport Gardermoen Terminal 2

New Download: The Five Immutable Principles of Project Success

Why Safran Alliance Partner Craig Veteto Uses the Risk-driver Method

Webinar: Improve Project Predictability and Performance with Craig Veteto

Integrating Safran and Synchro - The Project Management Partnership

What is Earned Value Management?

5 Top Risk Reports and When to Use Them

Webinar: Improving Capital Project Success, with Glen B. Alleman

Factors Affecting EU Capital Project Management in 2017 and Beyond

Webinar: The New Standard in Schedule Risk Analysis Safran Risk 7.1

Safran Risk Draws New Major Users in Energy Sectors

Creating a Project Scheduling Master Plan in Safran Project

Communicating Mega Project Status to Management

Schedule Risk Analysis: Focus On What Really Matters

Finding Additional Value in Schedule Risk Analysis

Safran Risk Now Available for Purchase Online Plus Promotional Offer

Leveraging the Benefits of EPRM Software Solution, Safran Project 7

Shutdown and Turnaround Success Comes From Safran Project 7

Streamline STO Planning & Execution

Statsbygg Selects Safran Project as Project Planning Solution

Safran Software Solutions® Announces Release of Safran Risk 1.5

Demonstration of Integrated Risk Modeling Within Safran Risk

Integrated Risk Modeling With Safran Risk

Expert Point of View - Integrated Risk Modeling

Capturing Uncertainty Through Integrated Risk Modeling

Effective Risk and Contingency Management

How Safran Risk Tackles Risk & Contingency Management

Expert Point of View - Contingency Modeling

Harvest Operations Corp Standardizes on Safran Project™ to Deliver Capital Projects Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget

Risk and Contingency Management Vital to Success

Developing Project Risk Intelligence in your Company

Executive Risk Awareness bolstered by Safran

Where Does Executive Risk Awareness Rank in Your Company's Priorities?

Executive Risk Awareness—Critical for Project Success

Top 5 Guidelines for Project Risk Management

WTMC Hosts Safran Risk® Training Day

Current Trends Within Project Risk Management: Infographic

Vesta Partners and Safran Announce Strategic Alliance

Safran Software Solutions® is Certified As Powered By SAP NetWeaver®

Beat the Statistics—The Reality of Risk Management

Safran Software Solutions Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Safran Published in the 65th Edition of the Zillion Business Magazine For International Enterprises

Does Your Planning Software Work With You or Against You?

The Solution to Real-Time Schedule Risk Analysis

The Problem of Real-Time Schedule/Risk Analysis

Safran Risk Streamlines Cost & Schedule Risk Analysis

Top 3 Project Management Hurdles

Safran Software Solutions® To Present Latest Project Management Software at SAP Conference

Safran and SAP Provide Unified Project Planning Solutions

3 Challenges of Disconnected Software

Preventing Data Loss with Safran Integrator

Introducing Safran Integrator for SAP

Safran Software Solutions® Announces SAP Integration to Streamline Project Planning

Project Risk Management Trends

Safran: Striking the Balance Between Powerful Analysis & Ease of Use

Welcome to the NEW Safran Blog!

Safran Software Solutions announce a new partnership with SAP® Specialists Absoft, to optimise project evaluation and risk analysis in upstream

Safran Project Risk Management Delivers ... Accuracy

Safran powered by SAP HANA

Streamlining Project Management with Safran's Project Planning Software

Safran Partners with CDP, Inc.

Featured Customer Story: Statoil Integrates SAP and Safran Software

Safran and Hyde Park Solutions Partner to Boost Project Governance

Project Risk Management Experts Team Up with Progesys

Safran and Innovative Management Teams Up to Provide the best Project Management Processes

Leading Portfolio Management Software Company Appoints Lars Petter Eliassen as CEO

Safran strengthens its international sales team

Leader in Schedule Risk Analysis Software Announces New Company Hires

Safran partners with leading project management personnel company in Finland

Safran Project Planning Software Set To Revolutionize The Industry

Safran Announces The Next Generation in Project Planning Software

Safran Project Planning Software 5 Release

Safran Software Announces New Planning Concepts Training Course

Wintershall & Teekay Chooses Safran Project For Their Project Portfolio Management Software

Safran Software Solutions Has Announced New Leadership

Safran Has Extended It's Client Relationship With Statoil

Project Reporting Software - Safran Software Solutions Forum 2012

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